When you think of a break up, you might think about feelings of depression, rejection, and anger. What you might not think of is that feelings of anxiety can also come into play. It could be that during the relationship, you were already experiencing anxiety about breaking up. Maybe you were already feeling insecure and doubting yourself. Maybe you were worried that your partner would leave you if you got into a fight or you found yourself getting anxious if you got a delayed response to your text messages.

Or maybe you didn’t struggle with anxiety until after the break up. You might wonder what’s wrong with you or if you’ll ever find another partner or be able to trust someone again.

Anxiety is more than just being worried about what your life will be like going forward.

When a break up happens, it feels like your worst nightmare has come to life.

The symptoms of anxiety that can come after break up include:

* Trouble sleeping and concentrating
* Ruminating thoughts
* Restlessness
* Feelings of panic or pessimism

Here are 4 tips to cope with anxiety after a break up....

1.) Dedicate time for yourself

When you were with your partner, it may have felt like your day was not complete without talking to them or seeing them. Now that you are single, it can feel like something is missing. How do you fill that time now?

You can use this time to think about what kind of relationship you want to look for in the future. Get to know yourself again instead of being quick to rush into a new relationship. Ask yourself if the interest you developed while dating your last partner are your interests as well.

You can only get these answers if you are truly alone in your thoughts.

2.) Get back to your favorite activities

Instead of using this free time to ruminate over your break up, fill your time with positive distractions throughout the day. As long as you do not deny your emotions, you’re not wrong in focusing your day on other things.

Because anxiety can make it hard to concentrate, focus on relaxing hobbies. Things can be done like watching a funny movie, reading a good book, or going for a long walk. Whatever you choose, make sure you do things you enjoy.

3.) Be with family and friends

It is easy to want to be alone when anxiety kicks in after a break up. You may not feel like talking to anyone, or may feel too emotionally exhausted to be around others, or worry they may not understand what you’re going through. While some alone time to reflect is important, isolation can make your anxiety worse.

If your loved ones do not understand what you were going through, help them understand. The best people in your life are good at listening to you, comforting you, and providing you with distractions to take your mind off of things.

4.) Practice self-care

The time you spent going out on dates can now be used towards caring for yourself. Remind yourself that your health should take priority over everything. Care for your physical health by exercising for at least 15 minutes outside. Feel the sun and take in the fresh air. Make sure to drink plenty of water. Because alcohol can make anxiety worse, consider a break from it for now. Try cooking for yourself and eating nutritious meals and see if you can avoid eating too much junk food, as it can also worsen anxiety. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night and try to wake up and go to sleep at the same time to get your body on a regular schedule. If you’re still experiencing anxiety after a break up, it may be time to speak to a mental health counselor about anxiety therapy. It can make all the difference to seek the support of a trained professional who really understands the pain you are going through and can help you develop effective coping strategies to deal with anxiety after a break-up.

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