You may think that teens do not have anything to be sad or scared about. After all, childhood is the most carefree time. You have your friends and family by your side with plenty of room to have fun. However, teens deal with similar issues that adults face. They could be bullied, feel alone, not do well in school, and worry about where life will take them. As a parent, you do not want to consider the possibility of your child having suicidal thoughts. You could be thinking that the things they are telling you are just an exaggeration. But the staggering statistics say, according to The Jason Foundation, that suicide is the second leading cause of death in kids and young adults ages 10-24. Never ignore your child’s feelings as that will not make them go away.

Here is how to identify suicidal signs in teens…

Lack of Interest

Teens have a number of interests. They may like to play sports, video games, see friends, shop, and more. Once you notice these interests are no longer there, it could mean that something larger is going on in their life.

Your teen may have quit a team that they loved being in before. They also may not get together with friends anymore and prefer isolation. While teens may fluctuate with their interests, this is definitely a sign to watch out for.


Your teen may also be more angry than usual. It could be they are being bullied in school or have a low tolerance towards any annoyances that occur.

It is also possible your teen child feels like nothing is working out for them, making them angry at the world.


One of the leading causes of suicide attempts is depression. Intrusive thoughts can get into your head create distorted beliefs about yourself like you are not good enough or that the future is hopeless.

If depression is not treated, your child’s persistent sadness will grow. Always let them know there is always someone to talk to whether it is to you or to a therapist.

Appearance Differences

They say that the way you dress reflects your personality.

See if your teen is showering, brushing their hair, taking care of their teeth, and wearing fresh clothes. A lack of hygiene is a sign that your child no longer cares about taking care of themselves. It’s common for any person who feels depressed to not have the energy to care for themselves in the way they know they should.

Suicide Threats

Pay close attention to what your teen child says or does as the warning signs are typically there. Never ignore the changes your child is going through.

You might have heard your child say many times that they hate their lives. Do not assume your child is being dramatic as there may be a clear-cut reason why they feel this way.

You could also hear your teen say depressing things about themselves like “You do not need me” or “You are better off without me.” If you hear something off with your child, always engage in a dialogue with them.

How to Help Your Child

Life as a teenager can be hard, despite what adults may think. As parents and caregivers, it’s important to watch out for signs that there may be something more going on than just growing pains.

Teen therapy can help your child find the root cause of their depression. A trained professional can teach them ways to cope that are constructive and life-affirming. Reaching out to a therapist can help your teen navigate their difficult life challenges in an environment that is both safe and compassionate.

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